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ARM MREs were designed to succeed out-dated C-Rations (Canned Rations), and utilise state-of-the-art food preparation and storage technology, including sophisticated sterilization techniques.

The technology allows various advantages over C-Rations. Unlike C-Rations, ARM MREs undergo a relatively cool thermal process due to better heat penetration, which arises from a thinner profile. This hugely decreases the possibility of overcooking, and preserves the flavour, texture and condition of the meal. All meals are free of artificial preservatives and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

• MREs formats are easier to handle, and are soft
• MREs are lighter and less bulky than C-Rations, allowing more efficient stockpiling and easier transportation
• MRE containers do not rust nor dent, unlike C-Ration containers
• A thinner profile enables the MRE to be heated faster, and easy-tear packaging allows packets to be opened quickly by hand 

• Single Meal Pack Ration: a complete meal consisting of a main meal, dessert, beverage and miscellaneous ancillary 
• 24hour Individual Ration Packs: meant to satisfy for 24hours, consisting of two meals, one breakfast item and miscellaneous ancillary
• Ancillary: sugar, coffee, tea, cleaning tissues, scouring pad, waterproof matches, biscuits (customisable with optional equipment)