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ARM is total food-solutions porvider for the defence industry and humanitarian missions. It is specialised in manufacturing Meals Ready to Eat (MREs); which are high quality, convenient meals based on retort pouch systems with two years shelflife.

ARM is a partnership between KADDB Investment Group (KIG) and Brahim’s Overseas Ventures; an affiliate of Dewina Holdings out of Malaysia.

All ARM’s products are Halal, preservatives free, and require no special storing conditions. The MREs are fully cooked and only requires reheating which can be done through different means.

ARM’s customisable 24 hour meal pack is comprised of 3 full meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) with entrees and desserts in addtion to beverages, as well as flameless ration heating bags.


• Halal
• Preservatives free
• 2 years Shelf life
• Customisable menus
• MREs formats are easier to handle, and are soft
• MREs are lighter and less bulky than C-Rations, allowing more efficient stockpiling and easier transportation
• MRE containers do not rust nor dent, unlike C-Ration containers
• A thinner profile enables the MRE to be heated faster, and easy-tear packaging allows packets to be opened quickly by hand